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Articles List

Riding The Broadband Wave: VOD Snowballs In Africa

Improved broadband connectivity in Africa is driving the take-up of video-on-demand (VOD) services. The convenience and, in many cases, cheaper access cost offered by VOD relative to traditional pay-TV models will support the growth of the service over the coming years, with indigenous players taking the early initiative on the back of strong demand for locally-relevant content.

Americas Metals & Mining: Three Key Charts For The Next Five Years

The top three themes in the America's metals and mining sector over our forecast period to 2018 will be the growing importance of Peru in the global copper mining sector; increasing divergence in coal production trends between the US and Colombia, the region's two biggest producer; and the continued outperformance of the Colombian, Mexican, and Peruvian mining sectors.

Incursions Raise Stakes, But Kiev's Hand Weak

Market fears of direct Russian military invasion of mainland Ukraine and another round of Western sanctions on Russia are on the rise, as reflected in the rouble hitting an all-time low level of RUB37.00/USD on August 29. The sell-off was triggered by the spread of the fighting between Kiev forces and separatists from the Eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk to another front at the city of Novoazovsk situated on the Azov Sea and within few miles of the Russia's south-western border with Ukraine. The escalation of violence on the ground was accompanied by NATO officials' claims that Russia was ramping up help to separatists and sending air defence systems, artillery and tanks and that there are 1,000 Russian troops already operating on the ground within Ukraine.

Exports No Longer A Lifeline For Carmakers

BMI View: The worsening business environment in South Africa is threatening its role as an autos production and export hub. While labour relations are the main issue, protective tariffs by other countries looking to protect their developing autos industries create a new threat.

New Financial Inclusion Programme Beneficial For Sector

India's penetration of the formal banking sector is well below the regional average. We believe that the new programme for financial inclusion introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be a long-term positive for the sector.

The End Of Traditional Pay-TV?

Innovation is required to truly take on the growing popularity of Netflix, the company that has given the staid pay-TV market a huge shake-up. Rogers' and Shaw's 'shomi' has little to differentiate it from the streaming giant but does highlight the need for traditional pay-TV providers to develop new business models.

Heating Woes On Coal Ruling

India's reliance on coal imports will increase over the coming years particularly in light of the country's court ruling that all coal mining licences awarded between 1993 and 2010 were illegal.

Ebola Will Weigh On Growth

Liberia and Sierra Leone's economies are facing significant challenges as a result of the Ebola crisis that continues to claim lives in the West Africa region. The two countries are struggling to contain the disease, and we have adjusted our real GDP growth forecasts as a result.

Samsung SDI’s Strategy Reinforces Li-ion Opportunities

China's fast expanding EV market presents opportunities for li-ion battery suppliers, and we foresee more companies entering partnerships to manufacture domestically, capitalising on lower costs and better access to the market.

Cutting Costs Not Enough For A T-HT Turnaround

Constrained household spending from declining wages and high unemployment, combined with saturated telecoms markets and increased capital expenditures will continue to weigh on T-HT over the next two to three years. While managed services contracts and 3G/4G uptake are important, these will not have a strong enough impact to turn the company around.