Business Monitor Online

Our global coverage of macroeconomics, political risk, industry, financial markets and company intelligence can all be accessed on one powerful platform

What our BMO service offers you:

Intra-daily views and analysis

We assess developments daily across 24 industry verticals, financial markets, and the global macroeconomic, political and business environment.

Customisable email alerts provide the context, meaning and implications of fast-moving events to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Country and Industry Reports

Quarterly updated Country Risk Reports and Industry Market Reports are available for nearly 200 countries and 24 industry verticals. These reports provide in-depth analysis of current risks and opportunities and the future outlook for each market.

  • Country Risk Reports provide an authoritative assessment of the macroeconomic, political and operational risk environment for a country, and include forecasts for a 5- and 10-year period, as well as comprehensive Country Risk Ratings.
  • Industry Market Reports critically evaluate market and company trends as well as the regulatory environment and competitive landscape for a country/sector, in addition to proprietary 5- and 10-year market-specific forecasts and Industry Risk Ratings.

Strategic Data, Forecasts and Ratings:

We have a full range of projects and company databases, forecasts and ratings to support your business:

  • Country Risk Ratings - assess risks to investment and market entry from changes in political, economic and operational risk
  • Risk-Reward Ratings - explore and compare the country-specific investment opportunities and risks facing each industry
  • Compare & Export Database - select and download any combination of country-specific industry and macroeconomic variables from a series of over 14,000 indicators with more than 1,000,000 separate lines of data
  • Chart Builder - create, amend, save and export customised charts using the wealth of forecast and ratings data in our Compare & Export Database
  • Projects Databases - identify new projects and business development opportunities using our daily updated Infrastructure, Power, Mining, Renewables and Oil & Gas projects databases
  • Company Database - source new business leads and benchmark your competitors using the latest available data on leading multinational and local companies in emerging markets
  • Burden of Disease Database - quantify and understand the impact of over 120 diseases on a country, gender and age specific level until 2030
  • Mobile Operator Database - evaluate prospects within the global mobile industry via our company comparative database of quarterly operator financial and performance KPI's

Strategic Content:

BMI produces a range of specific content to support your strategic planning:

  • Global Market Views – economic and financial market views and forecasts. We can demonstrate an excellent track record across global markets.
  • Global Assumptions – forecasts for growth, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates across key states and regions over a 5-year period.
  • Global Political Outlook – quarterly updated detailed view of political hotspots, unrest and upcoming elections, including Business Monitor's ’on the ground’ analysis.
  • Competitive Intelligence and company SWOT analysis – independent assessments of client and competitor growth strategies to provide overviews of the competitive landscape, market by market.

Key benefits to your operations:

  • Identify global growth opportunities for your company
  • Support the generation and review of your business strategy
  • Monitor competitors, clients, suppliers and partners operating in your market
  • Assess economic and political trends that could impact your operations
  • Evaluate risks and opportunities facing your key markets
  • Understand the impact of macroeconomic developments on your industry and company